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St. Luke's Zion Lutheran Church
2903 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: (204) 339-0412
Fax: (204) 339-0412
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Monday, January 1st, 2018

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Inspired by the congregational pledge made in the service of Holy Baptism (see page 228, EvLW), we will be including names of those baptized at St. Luke's Zion in our monthly newsletters. 

We hope this will be a reminder to lift them up in prayer, wherever they may be in their faith-walk. 

The following were baptized in the month of January in previous years: 

David Alexander C.      Mercedes Rebecca W.

Destiny Rae M.            Mary Bremfowaa M.

Alison Lydia W.           Sara Amoakowaa M.

Elle Amelia N.             Elizabeth Seinsia M.

Garrett Joseph H.       Kate Elizabeth M.

Charlee Julianna Penelope C.


Please remember in your prayers our shut-in’s in long term care:

Phyllis A. – Concordia Place

Helen B. – Holy Family Nursing Home

Laura G. - Red River Place, Selkirk

Agnes J. – Middlechurch Home

Irene K. - River Park Gardens

Anna M. – Fred Douglas Lodge

Mary M. – Luther Home

Elfrieda S. - Luther Home

Doreen S. - Luther Home

Alice V. – Middlechurch Home 



Items for the February newsletter can be given to Joanne Janzen or emailed to  

or by January 25th.

Thank you!



Beginning in 2018, a volunteer is needed to look after the yard work at the church (cutting grass, trimming, etc.).  Speak to a member of council or Pastor Lynne if you are interested.



Confirmation Speech

Way back on Nov. 5, 2017, Stefan shared his answer to how his life is different because he believes in Jesus.  Here is how he answered:

My life is BETTER because I believe in Jesus, and it is better in many ways. I know that Jesus was human and that he understands me. If I am in a bad situation and think about him, he helps. When I am hurt he reminds me that pain can be tolerated. When I am scared he reminds me of what is really worth being afraid of. When I am angry he reminds me that holding a grudge just isn't worth it. At times I can't sleep because I’m stressed out. Stress from the little day to day things, or from school, or from the recent loss of my father. Sometimes it can seem like a huge weight on my shoulders, but in my thoughts, I always come back around to knowing Jesus is there watching over me and I know that rush of assurance that passes over me is Jesus, and he shares my struggles. He is always there watching, guiding and if I mess up, forgiving me. Jesus is powerful, so powerful it’s incomprehensible. He can make many great things happen. Being a Christian has made my life better, in the best way it has connected me with many great, loving, kind people, and allowed me to meet even more, at my school youth group, at my favorite bible camp, and here at church, which is ANOTHER reason why my life is better.

Thank you – Stefan H.



The annual general meeting for St. Luke’s Zion will be held on Sunday, February 25th following worship and lunch.  Reports are due by the end of January.



Children’s Christmas Play:

The Sunday School Children will be presenting their Christmas message on January 7th, during worship. If you are able to help out and or act please let the Sunday School staff know. Also, please let us know if your child would be available for a dress rehearsal on Saturday, January 6th at 11:00 a.m. at St. Luke’s Zion, with a pizza lunch to follow. Thank you!

2018 St. Luke’s Zion Amazing Race:

We have spoken with the Sunday School Children about putting on an Amazing Race – they are all very excited about doing this in the late Spring if we have enough teams signed up. If you and your family are interested in participating in this event, please let the Sunday School Staff know so that we can keep track of all interested. You can put together family teams, friend teams, etc. etc. The race will take place in and around the areas from the church – down McPhillips St. to Inkster – Inkster to Main St. – Main St. to Leila Ave. – Leila Ave. to McPhillips St. and then back to the church. There will be clues and challenges along the way. It will be a fun time!

2018 St. Luke’s Got Talent & Luncheon:

Event Date to be determined and announced in the February Newsletter.


There will be a free will offering to help cover the cost of the food 

Everyone is Welcome to attend!!!

Come on out and cheer or. . . Sign-up and share your talent with us…Singing, playing a musical instrument, writing/reciting poetry or even tell us your own stories, crafts, cooking, baking, photography etc.  Possibilities are endless!!!

**Great Food, Great Fellowship, Silent Auction, Door Prizes, Great FUN for everyone…help us make this event successful…join us!!!!

DONATIONS WELCOME: Food, beverages, appetizers, desserts, silent auction & door prizes, monetary donations to purchase necessary items. Please see Joanne Janzen, Sharon Appler or

Betty Gunn for more information and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You! SLZ Sunday School.

A BIG Thank You to those who have been donating items throughout the year for our silent auction.

Sunday School Easter Play:

Date to be determined and announced in the February Newsletter. The play will be held during Worship with a Luncheon or Buffet following.

Hosted by the Sunday School. Watch for details!



Jan. 7th – Prairie Fire at St. Mark’s

Feb. 3rd to 4th – Curling Bonspiel in Starbuck

*CLAY 2018 - Save the Date! 

The planning team is happy to announce the dates for CLAY 2018 in Thunder Bay, ON. Lutheran and Anglican youth from across Canada are invited to meet in Thunder Bay from August 15th – 19th, 2018.

It is sure to be an amazing time! Watch for more details over the new few months.



Upcoming NEST Events:

*Next General Meeting will be held January 23rd at 7:00 p.m. at the Grace Lutheran Church (211 Kimberly Avenue).

*February 24, 2018 – Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser is booked for Saturday, February 24, 2018, from 8:00 am to 10:30 am, at the Applebee’s on Regent. Tickets will be available soon.

~ Thank You  Dorothy Handkamer




From January 18th – 25th, 2018 we will celebrate the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity here in Winnipeg. The theme for 2018 is “Your right hand, O Lord, glorious in power” (Exodus 15:6). A City-wide Ecumenical Worship Celebration will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 21st, 2018 at Westworth United Church, 1750 Grosvenor Avenue, Winnipeg. All are cordially invited to this celebration and to participate in the other various gatherings that will be held throughout the Week of            Prayer, i.e. both prior and following the larger city-wide service. For more information, please see the Week of Prayer companion posters on the church bulletin board. 

Monthly Ecumenical Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Middle East
On the 24th of each month, you are invited to pray for Christian communities in Palestine and Israel, for all those who are suffering in the Holy Land, for Palestinians and Israelis, and for peace in the Middle East and the world.



Mark your calendars for the next
MNO Synod Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba - April 26th – 28th, 2018  

Synod News pages in the Canada Lutheran:

We would love to hear stories from around the synod! If you have stories and or pictures to share, please send them to

Thank you,  ~Joanne Janzen (MNO Synod section editor)



Dear Pastor Lynne & Congregation of St. Luke Zion,

My monthly newsletter would be too long to list all of the wonderful blessings that come to the Urban (and I’m sure I would omit someone) so this is a personal thanks. 

On behalf of the board of directors, thank you St. Luke Zion congregation for all of your support, including so many groceries we receive weekly for the pantry, and your prayers for the Urban throughout the year.  I never feel that I can thank you enough or properly and I want to especially thank you for all the many ways that you think about the Urban. 

Thank you so much also for the abundance of food we received from your Reformation 500 gift! 

Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas, and happiness and good health in the New Year.

Kind regards,
Rhonda G. - Ministry Manager

2018 Winter Needs:

Needs:  blankets/sheets/pillows, sleeping bags for the homeless; towels; facecloths; regular socks/underwear (for men, women, children); diapers (sizes 4 & 5); baby wipes; shampoos; socks; toilet paper; sanitary pads/ tampons; men's disposable razors; deodorant; toothbrushes; toothpaste; jackets/coats any size with all buttons and/or working zippers (particularly men's lge or extra-lge); slippers (handmade or otherwise); used backpacks (especially for adults - any condition as long as the zippers work) always welcomed. 

Need for Emergency Food at the Urban: Pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, egg noodles, Side Kicks, rice); pasta sauce, pork and beans, canned meat (salmon, tuna, ham, Klik or Spam, ravioli, zoodles); instant noodles (beef, chicken, mama noodles); cereal; soups (vegetable, chicken noodle, Campbell's chunky soups); Kraft Dinner; peanut butter; jams; regular tea bags (ex. Red Rose), crackers; cookies; juice boxes. 

Also needed:

plastic grocery bags; empty margarine/yogurt containers.

Coffee for the coffee urn and tea are welcomed donations as the coffee urn and tea pots are always on here for those who attend! 

Please contact  for drop off times.  Thanks so much.  

We ask that you also consider donating men's clothing to the John Howard Society, 583 Ellice Ave. Call 204-775-1514 for drop off times.

Clothing donations are also received at the Siloam Mission, 300 Princess Street.

Hope is Never Lost

The Urban has a short video for you to watch.

We are sure that you will enjoy it and perhaps share with others.

Please copy and paste the attached file to your browser. 

Hope is Never Lost

Lutheran Urban Ministry Short Documentary Film



Do you have a passion for outdoor ministry, working with people of all ages, and the beautiful outdoors? Are you highly organized and a strong leader?  We have the position for you.

Luther Village is currently seeking a Camp Manager for a term position starting in March of 2018.

Applications for this opportunity are being accepted until January 5, 2018.

Additional information about Luther Village and a full description of the Camp Manager position is available at and is posted on the bulletin board.


Palliative Manitoba – 2018 Grief Seminars:

Cropo Funeral Chapel

1442 Main Street, Winnipeg 7 – 8:00 pm – Tuesdays

Jan. 9th - What to Expect When I’m Grieving

Feb.13th - When a Child Dies  

Chapel Lawn Funeral Home

4000 Portage Avenue 12 – 1:00 pm – Tuesdays

Feb. 27th – Self-Care isn’t Selfish


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