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St. Luke's Zion Lutheran Church
2903 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone: (204) 339-0412
Fax: (204) 339-0412
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September Newsletter
Thursday, September 1st, 2005

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Listening Circles
At the ELCIC Convention in July, I found out after my arrival there that I would be leading one of the listening circles on the topic of same-sex blessings. It was an experience that I approached with much fear and trepidation. However, as it turns out, it was an incredibly good experience.
With people randomly assigned to these groups, there were people from all across the country who held widely differing views on the topic. Yet, each person expressed their views and their faith in a manner that was both respectful and honest.
Some in the group had participated in extensive studies in their home congregations, hearing from speakers representing a wide diversity of opinion. They had prayed together and studied the Scriptures together and had come to the conclusion that all homosexual relationships are sinful and are not to be blessed. For them, it is a matter of salvation.
Others in the group had participated in similar studies, praying and studying the Scriptures together in their home congregations. They had come to the conclusion that blessing couples in committed same-sex relationships is what the church should be doing. For them, it is a matter of being faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Still others were far less certain about what the Spirit is saying to the church on this particular subject. Many were conscious of the pain that is experienced by those of homosexual orientation and their families. There is genuine concern about how to minister to these hurting people in the name of Christ.
The listening circle of which I was a part was such a powerful experience because people actually listened to one another and cared for one another in the Spirit of Christ. A number of people thanked me afterwards - grateful be able to speak and to listen without fear of condemnation by others in the group. I pray that we will continue to be able to listen to one another, genuinely seeking the will of God and the mind of Christ.
Pastor Lynne

A new Bible study begins on Thursday, September 8th at 7:30 p.m. The study will use teaching pictures to help us explore the Biblical basis for Baptism, Communion, the Apostles' Creed, prayer, and living the Christian faith in our daily lives. Those who don't like reading aloud need not be intimidated. Reading is on a voluntary basis only! Please sign up on the bulletin board or let Pastor Lynne know if you plan on attending.

Rehearsals begin again on Wednesday, September 7th at 7:30 p.m. All voices are both needed and welcome! Only come, though, if you like to sing?.

Classes resume on Wednesday, September 14th from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

We will kick off our autumn season with a meeting scheduled on September 20th, at our usual time of 7:00 p.m., here at the church. Mark your calendar, we are looking forward to the 2005 - 2006 season and hope to see you there.

A message from Lutheran Planned Giving: Death and Taxes: Did you know that a charitable bequest -- a gift in your will -- reduces the income tax owed by your estate? Like offerings made in your lifetime, a bequest to the church can be claimed for a tax credit, up to fifty cents on the dollar. For more information, call Lutheran Planned Giving at 1-888-308-9461 or e-mail
Really, it's a question of stewardship and what you want your estate to support. Do you want to give extra to the government in taxes, or do you want to support ministries that are important to you? Pastor Lynne would be happy to discuss this with you if you wish.

Volunteer Opportunities at Canadian Lutheran World Relief
Fall, 2005

Canadian Lutheran World Relief, in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (GHDA) and the Lutheran Church - Canada, provides emergency relief, refugee resettlement, alternative trade products and most importantly, the development of healthy and sustainable lives for thousands of the world's poor.
Volunteers are needed to support these efforts at the three office locations in Canada (Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto). Please review the following volunteer opportunities and contact the designated office for more information or to get involved.
Volunteer Opportunities
" Warehouse Support?unpacking and packing alternative trade inventory (Winnipeg - 5 hours per week)
" Store Clerk?stocking shelves and maintaining displays, including sales (Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto - seasonal - Christmas)
" Data Entry?for alternative trade products (Winnipeg - 5 hours per week)
" Consignment Sales at conventions? overseeing set-up and take down, including sales (various locations)
" Resource Mailing?putting together resources and preparing them for mailing (Winnipeg - 3 hours per week)
" Photo Coordinator?organizing overseas photos (Winnipeg - project)
" Mail Processing?stuffing envelopes for mailing (Winnipeg - occasional)
" Database Quality Control?checking addresses for accuracy (Winnipeg - project)
" Kit Quality Control?checking kits for the necessary items (Winnipeg - 2 hours per week)

Contact information
" Winnipeg - 694-5602 (Bruce or Tim)
" Toronto - 962-9747 (Jan)
" Vancouver - 435-9750 (Fikre)

As of August 28th we have received $1344.00 toward the needed $2000.00, or 67%!
October 31st is our deadline to raise the funds. Wouldn't it be great to have all the funds raised by Thanksgiving!!!

A world of thanks from the Waling family to the members of St. Luke's Zion who so graciously welcomed and supported them when they arrived May 2004 from Africa. Your sponsorship through NEST is much appreciated.

A big thank you to everybody who has been bringing used clothing to the food bank. Clothing items can be brought in on a continuous basis. We can always use them. A big thank you for your donations of canned items and monetary funds. It is greatly appreciated.


We are always looking for knitters. Wool is available in the narthex. Please help yourself. Items should be completed by the first week of December.

Poet's Corner
God Shines in the Darkness
God shines in the darkness,
His beauty to behold,
Warm embers softly glowing,
His passionate love unfolds.

Mighty God of mercy,
Each day fresh and new
As petals sweetly scented
Flowers kissed with morning dew,

Your light forever shining
Upon a moonlit night,
Gentle breezes blowing,
Spirits lift in joyous flight.

Magnificent your beauty.
One word and earth stands still.
Ears strain to hear your voice
And yearn to do your will.

Rejoicing in your presence,
Hands lift in jubilee,
Shinning in the darkness,
Gives wings to set man free.
Marie Williams
Bluejacket , OK
This poem was printed from the following site.

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